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Lacoste_____ Crocodile Inside

Lacoste_____ Crocodile Free

Amazon_____ Tomorrow only better

Carambar_____ The Countrywide Joke

Lacoste____ Théo Curin

Canal + _____

So Foot _____ 4-4-2

Bouygues Telecom _____ Keep on fallin'

Lacoste_____ Timeless

Lacoste_____ Give For Good

Bouygues Telecom_____ The Mini Charger

Bouygues Telecom_____ Bhuitres Telecom

Lacoste _____ The 9th Lane

Lacoste_____ Save Our Species

So Good_____ Don't read us

Bouygues Telecom_____ Conquer Your Home

Bouygues Telecom_____ Max & Romain

Bouygues Telecom_____ On the road

Heetch _____ ic

SoFoot _____ So Food

Pathé Gaumont_____ Big stories

Loto _____ Grandma

Lacoste_____ Forevergreen

Heetch_____ Manifesto

Bouygues Telecom_____ The PaddleBoat

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